Safety and Security

All staff at Harrow Games and Claremont High School are fully committed to having robust measures in place to ensure the safety and security of all children at all times.

As a venue Claremont High School has very strict measures in place to control and limit who enters the School premises, both during term time and during weekends and holidays. Entrance points are manned in order to limit, control and sign visitors in and out of the school.

To support us, we always ask parents to confirm drop off and pick up arrangements as part of the registration process and to keep us updated of any changes to who is collecting a child.

Ensuring a safe and comfortable environment for each and every child is essential. We therefore request written confirmation of any injuries, medical conditions or food allergies that a child might have so that we can adequately assess their environment and provide support where necessary.

Our group sizes and session timings are in full accordance with the guidelines set by OFSTED. Our venues and activities are also risk assessed and we are covered by public liability insurance.

We are fully committed to all legislation requirements and to ensuring that our recruitment process is robust and effective. All adult Harrow Games staff are enhanced DBS checked and our football coaches have completed both the FA Safeguarding Children’ and ‘Emergency Aid’ workshops.

Having fully qualified staff is one of the ways in which we try to ensure that children taking part can do so in a safe and enjoyable environment. We also believe that working in partnership with other organisations including the Police and Childcare services is essential.