Becoming a Harrow United FC Player

Before being invited to join Harrow United, players must first show the right level of ability, the correct great attitude, a commitment to learn and work hard and a willingness to be part of a team. Once part of a squad, players will train with their team mates and coach twice each week and play matches every Sunday and tournaments over the summer.

Teams range from Under 7 to Under 15 age groups and play in the Harrow Youth League, one of the largest and most established Youth Leagues in England. Affiliated and governed by Middlesex FA, all matches are played during the regular season between September and April on Sundays, both home and away, with parents welcome to be involved in many capacities, but first and foremost as positive and neutral supporters of youth football.

Representing Harrow United in the Sunday league, helps children to develop technically and physically, but in addition to this the ‘competitive’ atmosphere and challenge to win football matches, enhances children’s drive, competitive spirit and social and psychological skills.

Our Coaching Ethos

Harrow Games is very proud to have built a reputation as a club that embraces diversity and is committed to coaching children of all ages, standards and abilities.

We recognise that football brings children together in the playground and our mission is to inspire children to develop a love of the game at an early age, leading to a lifetime of enjoyment and involvement in team play.

Our Commitment to High Level Coaching

Whilst we recognise and respect the valuable contribution of parents who volunteer to coach teams throughout the Sunday youth league up and down the country, we choose only to employ professionally trained coaches. This ensures the very best level of coaching, development and safeguarding.

Harrow United FC has quickly built a reputation for playing progressive, possession and winning football, resulting in the club forming strong links with scouts and academies of local professional football clubs such as QPR and Tottenham Hotspur.

This means that any child showing outstanding potential is provided with the platform to impress and hopefully continue their journey at the highest level.

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Harrow United is committed to and fully supportive of the FA’s Respect campaign and all parents and children are expected to sign up to our ‘Respect Charter’, which details the behaviour and conduct expected of anybody involved with Harrow United.

The charter will be provided on registration to the ‘Harrow United FC’ teams